Subject Combination

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Subject Combination offered for Honours Courses
Core Paper Generic Elective (Choose any one)
Bengali English/ History/ Political Science
English Bengali/ History/ Education
History Bengali/ Education/ Political Science
Education Bengali/ History/ Political Science
Political Science Bengali/ History/ Education


Subject Combination offered for General/ Programme Courses
(Choose one) (Choose any one)
Bengali Education/ Political Science/ Philosophy/ Physical Education
English Education/ Political Science/ Geography
History Education/ Philosophy/ Geography/ Physical Education
Education Bengali/ English/ History/ Sociology
Political Science Bengali/ English/ Sociology
Sociology Political Science/ Philosophy/ Geography
Philosophy Bengali/ History/ Sociology
Geography English/ History/ Sociology
Physical Education Bengali/ History


Details of Courses of B.A (Programme/General) Under CBCS
Bengali Education
English Political Science
History Philosophy
Sociology Geography
  Physical Education