Massage from Principal’s Desk

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Dear Students! Welcome to Domkal Girls’ College. Domkal Girls’ College, an institution of academic excellence and achievement, was established in 2011. It is amongst one of the finest colleges within the University of Kalyani. At Domkal Girls’ College, we are imparting higher education to young women in our country, which is a very substantial, potent and conscientious stack. We all know that Women are a great human resource and the role of women in the society is critical for development of a nation. To empower women is to increase their control over the decisions that affect their lives both within and outside the household. Through their empowerment women gain greater share of control over resources and it gives them the power of decision making in the home, community, society and nation. I want that our students should be imparted an all round education so that they become multidimensional rather than uni-dimensional. In my view, acquiring information is no longer the main focus of education; instead the main aim of education is to build the powers of human mind and spirit. We believe in providing our students an environment, rich in knowledge and supportive for their extracurricular interests. We aim to evaluate our students on the basis of their physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development. I feel proud to acknowledge the contribution of highly qualified, dynamic and multi-talented faculty, non teaching staff and my students for this. We have to continue to move ahead for producing and maintaining the best. I am extremely proud of being Teacher-in-Charge of this institution. My best wishes to the new students entering Domkal Girls’ College.

                       – Mr. Abu Emdad Md Abdur Rakib, Teacher-in-Charge, Domkal Girls’ College